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Creating a discord network

The unpredictable cryptocurrency market calls for a unique approach to marketing. A solid community fan base is useful in making your project stand out. A welcoming virtual space such as Discord or Telegram can help your brand-advocates interact, collaborate, and build trust. Our professional services can help you bring in high-value investors, build trust, and grow a collective of advocates while standing out in a crowded market.

Strengthen your crypto community

Social Content Creation And Curation

We can craft and manage content for your organization, including notifications, news, manuals, and commonly asked questions.​

Event Planning And Execution

Let us assist you in organizing and running events such as online meetups, webinars, and AMAs


We use data analytics to track the growth and engagement of the community and make data-driven decisions about future community building efforts.​


Collaborate with other businesses and organizations to build partnerships and reach a wider audience through joint marketing efforts.​

Our Crypto Community Management Services

Group Creation And Management​

We can assist you in creating and managing your Discord or Telegram group by setting up channels, rules, moderation, and adding bots for a seamless community-building experience

Engagement Services​

Our experienced team is dedicated to engaging with members, resolving their inquiries, and providing assistance to resolve any issues they may encounter​

Growth Management​

Analytics and reporting​


Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain marketing agency?

Blockchain marketing agencies provide strategic guidance and consulting services to businesses in the blockchain industry, helping them navigate the complex and rapidly evolving landscape of blockchain technology. Their overall objective is to help businesses in the blockchain space build trust and credibility with their target audience, ultimately driving adoption and growth in the industry.

If you are ready to take your blockchain-based product, service, or technology to the next level, look no further than a professional blockchain marketing agency like Troi Oi!

With a deep understanding of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries, blockchain marketing agencies know exactly how to target and engage with the audiences that matter most to your bussiness. From social media marketing to influencer partnerships and beyond, they use a variety of cutting-edge tactics to increase brand awareness and drive user adoption.

How can you build an authentic crypto community?

It’s essential to keep your objectives in mind and be aware of what you hope to accomplish. Once this is established, stay active and involved with your target audience. Don’t resort to manipulation or flooding — that will just lead to mistrust.

At our agency, we have a knowledgeable team of social media professionals who can help you construct a genuine following in platforms such as Discord, Telegram, Reddit and Twitter. We understand how to communicate with your followers at their own level and guarantee that they will return for more content.

What are the best channels for crypto community management?

If you want to run a successful community management strategy, there are a few key channels you’ll need: Telegram is one of the most popular for blockchain communities; it’s great for real-time engagement and discussion. Discord, initially created for gamers, is now also used by many projects and groups. Reddit is ideal for longer-form discussion, plus there are plenty of subreddits to post updates. Twitter is perfect for sharing updates and news, as well as interacting with influencers and thought leaders. You can focus on one or two channels or aim to cover all – we recommend at least using Telegram and Discord.

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